Titan scr2 n120 Tankless Water Heater – Whole House Heaters

The SCR2 N-120 is a tankless water heater reviews which is manufactured by Titan. Like all the other tankless water heaters, it instantly heats water at the desired temperature, without having to wait. The SCR2 N-120 was designed to be used for a home that has 1-3 standard bathrooms. Also the incoming water shouldn’t be colder than 65-70°F. That means that this model was meant for areas that have warm climates.

The minimum flow rate required to activate this model is 0.5 gallons per minute. Temperature rises that might be important for you to know are: The highest temperature rise the SCR2 N-120 can achieve is 81°F at a flow rate of 1 gallon per minute. The next best temperature rise it can achieve is 54°F at a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute. The temperature of 40°F is reached at a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute. At the flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, the temperature rise achieved is 32°F. A temperature increase of 27°F is achieved at a flow rate of 3 gallons per minute. The temperature rise of 23°F is achieved at a flow rate of 3.5 gallons per minute. The lowest temperature rise of 20°F is achieved at a flow rate of 4 gallons per minute.

You can install this model yourself; it isn’t too hard to do it because of the fact that this is an electric tankless water heater. All you need to do is connect the hot and cold water pipe, some wires and you’re done. However, if you want to be sure that your tankless water heater will be installed correctly, you should get a professional installer. More interesting things about this model are: The dimensions are important so that you know where you can install the tankless water heater. The height of the SCR2 N-120 is 10, the width is 7 and the depth is 2.75. The connection type of the pipes is standard and is 1/2. The water pressure shouldn’t be higher than 150 PSI.

The warranty for this product will void if installation rules from the manual aren’t respected. If everything was done properly then you get a 10 year warranty for the casing and 1 year for all the other parts. The price you will have to pay for this model is somewhere around $250, which is pretty cheap. The SCR2 N-120 is a great tankless water heater for the warmer climates, it is also very cheap and easy to install. If you still have a tank based heating system and you don’t want to spend a lot of money to go tankless then this could be a good choice.

4 Reasons Why Facebook Effective for Your Business Campaign Who do not know Facebook?

I am sure most of you know what Facebook is. Yes, Facebook is a social networking which contains lot of features especially for friendship connection networking. But how does Facebook work for a business?For a businessman, Facebook means a list of business contacts, advertise your profile, business groups, a list of prospects, social media applications (and more).

Through social networks you may shares information; you can find many opportunities to connect with other people.Below are some reasons why you should use Facebook for business activities:Reason

1 – Facebook is internet marketing tool with viral systemsFor examples; each time you log in to Facebook, homepage provides you with updates from each of relationships you have. And when people visit your Facebook account, your mini-feed that is on the top of your profile page is the first they see that there are any activities you update.With this capability, you can spread the news to your Facebook. If they find something interesting, they may make an action or response. They will also look to each their connection or relationship. This means, your news will spread quickly to friends and their friends through your profile.Reason

2 – Facebook is the latest and largest in social marketingSocial presence is a marketing campaign activity, where someone participates in the discussions that have been run on the market you target; you try to provide something benefit for them. On Facebook, it’s easy to actively socialize in a community, and it is very easy for someone to find you.Reason

3 – Your Target market told you what they wantEveryone who joins the Facebook have the option to fill out their profile. You can search for profiles based on keywords, or find the group events based on keywords. For example, if you have a business that sells supplements to reduce body weight, you can join the group fitness. In addition to marketing messages, you can also give suggestions. Anyone who wants to learn, or use your services, will pay a visit to your profile, where they can continue to communicate with you, or you can also navigate to your website.Reason

4 – Most people use it, use it every dayFacebook has the ability to help you find people you know, or want to know you. The conversation began with various things, such as hobby, status updates and birthday reminders. Information shared directly, viral, and without cost. You can control the quality of the data quality control with those who connected with you.

Therefore people who understand about Facebook use it with caution and always careful about the quality of the news that they are connected to them.In Facebook, millions of people use Facebook at this time, most use it every day. What can you see from this opportunity? To me, it’s a great exposure for you business through your profile.

Even though it a great free Marketing campaign, my suggestion not too over aggressive to promote your business directly. People will know that you just take advantage and more to spamming activity. It’s better to expose your business through profile and let people know about you and your business from your Facebook social activities.My Networking & Social MediaBlogcatalog |   Twitter | MyBloglog | Digg | StumbleUpon