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ACLJ Attorney James M. Henderson Loses Career Over Ghetto Male Sluts

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ACLJ Attorney James M. Henderson Loses Career Over Ghetto Male Sluts

You saw that right? In an amazing twist of fate for the ACLJ and James M. Henderson, these two geniuses above were the object of Mr. Henderson’s attention which caused an uproar in the legal community. Those who haven’t read the prior posts about him can do so here, here, here and here. This leads one to question; WHAT WAS HE THINKING and WHAT WAS THE ACLJ DOING WHILE HENDERSON WAS THINKING IT?

I can only say that a man with his experience level and critical thinking skills must be literally out of his MIND to have been caught with his hands all over these cookie jars above.



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  • The headline is misleading. There is no apparent reason to believe that these lads have anything to do with a ghetto — but I don’t see any reason why Mr. Henderson, age 53, would take any particular interest in them. According the Facebook screenshot from the other article, he already has a stable of about 60 “friends.”

  • What I find typical is that the ACLJ scrubbed mention of Mr. Henderson from every place it possibly could (with the exception of those court documents on their web site). A search for his name there turns up NO results (at least when I tried it).

    I have a lawyer friend (Bernie the Attorney) who has long said that those most vocal about the ills of a particular behavior are most likely engaging in it (Jimmy Swaggart and pr0n come to mind).

  • While I’m happy to learn of Henderson’s downfall, there is no reason to degrade the two young men who heroically took it upon themselves to expose his hypocrisy.

  • Trust in the Lord with all your heart and he will direct your path. God bless the Hendersons! 🙂

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