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Prominent ACLJ Attorney May Have Secret Life With Young Boys

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Prominent ACLJ Attorney May Have Secret Life With Young Boys

Could one of our nation’s top Conservative, First Amendment lawyers have a problem he can’t talk his way out of? James M. Henderson is considered one of the most prominent 1st amendment constitutional lawyers in the country, and depending on your interpretation of the evidence, he may have a fondness for young boys and pot.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) is a law firm located at 205 Third Street, SE Washington, DC 20003. James M. Henderson, Sr. is Senior Counsel of the ACLJ in the Washington, D.C. office and has been counsel of record on many cases, including amicus briefs to the Supreme Court regarding  “The Child Pornography Prevention Act” and “The Child Online Protection Act.”  ACLJ states in its Mission Statement that it is a God driven law firm: ACLJ “is dependent upon God and the resources He provides through the time, talent, and gifts of people who share our concerns and desire to protect our religious and constitutional freedoms.” “An anonymous tip led Exposed Politics to what could be Mr. Henderson’s “nom de Facebook” — Kyle Johnson. Based on that  anonymous tip we were directed to the Facebook page of Mr. Kyle Johnson a possible alter ego/identity of Mr. James M. Henderson. As Kyle Johnson, is a nickname he may have used when a locksmith truck that drove by him had on its door panel “Kyle Johnson Locksmith.”

According to sources, several of these boys got the idea that Mr. Johnson might be predator and so they began copying his electronic messages, taking pictures of him and his vehicle, taking cell phone videos inside and outside his car, and photographing evidence in his car, including a bank statement with James M. Henderson’s name and address on it.  That information was provided to us on condition of anonymity.

Through Aug. 23, 2012, “Kyle Johnson’s” Facebook page contained many comments and references to marijuana and sex. These include references to his personal use of marijuana.

In a stunning cell phone video, allegedly taken by one of the young men, Mr. Johnson admitted that Kyle Johnson is not “a real name,” and that he chose that name after seeing a locksmith’s car with the name Kyle Johnson on it.  He laughed and said, “that poor guy’s probably in a lot of trouble at home.” The real Kyle Johnson, Locksmith, is located in the Chicago, Il area.


Here is the (same young man) walking to the car where Mr. Johnson is waiting.


Apparently left alone in the vehicle for a moment, the young man opens the glove box of the car revealing a Branch Banking & Trust Company envelope with the name and address of James M. Henderson and exclaims: “Oh My God, Its Him.”


Upon further examination of the Facebook account of Kyle Johnson it has several references to Mr. Johnson finally declaring that he is gay or what he terms queer, as well as his marijuana experiences with eating food after getting high.

Mr. Henderson has also argued a number of legal cases before the Supreme Court including The Child Pornography Act, and has worked for a number of years with the American Center for Law and Justice or ACLJ.org which is owned by Jay Sekulow who is one of the most prominent legal scholars in the conservative movement.

Mr. Johnson was identified via several videos that were taken by one of the boys he picked up when Johnson went into a liquor store to pick up some booze. The boy then went fishing through his glove compartment in the car Johnson used to pick the boy up in which had an envelope from Branch Banking & Trust company which was addressed to James M. Henderson and Theresa A. Henderson.


In a recent post on Kyle Johnson’s Facebook page he reveals an earring that he just obtained which was in his left ear.



One of the young men whom Kyle Johnson communicates with on Facebook is a boy by the name of Sam Bennett who looks extremely young.



Mr. Henderson’s bio on AVVO states that Henderson is married to Theresa Ann Henderson and has eight children and is a member of New Hope Hope Church in Lorton Virginia.


Mr. Henderson’s Facebook posting for New Hope Church has him coordinating youth seminars.



Mr. Henderson’s ACLJ bio says that he is an expert in 1st amendment speech and other constitutional law.



In pictures which were taken by one of the young men upon being picked up, Mr. Johnson (in red shirt) appears in shorts and a hat turned backwards to represent his fading youth. He drove a teal colored Hyundai, Sante Fe SUV with Virginia license tags XUH 6520.



Earlier Facebook postings to the Kyle Johnson account show that he had 60 people in his contact list, most of which were very young men strutting their stuff.



At present most of these accounts have been set to either private or they have been scrubbed off of his account.

A background report was completed using the address as the identifier and shows that James M. Henderson lives at the address identified in the image from Branch Banking & Trust envelope.


In an earlier Facebook chat with Jules, Kyle Johnson talked about drinking with Jules and him being an attorney who was on a case in North Carolina. Mr. Johnson used different chat programs to communicate with the boys, including Facebook Mobile.  In one particular chat, Kyle Johnson, said that he was a lawyer, that he had been to North Carolina the week of July 21, 2010 to work on a case, and that he “missed” one of the young men and wanted a “do over.”  The young man admitted that he and the other young man had been drinking. One of the young men mentioned in the chat as being with Mr. Johnson has a YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/JuJuPaP3R which has 91 videos created by the boy.




In another chat with the young man by the name of Zach he talks about teaching other lawyers, but when he is with Zach he will let Zach teach him. Presumably they are discussing a sexual encounter between them.



Although there is, at present, no hard evidence to prove that any of these young men is under the age of 18, there does seem to be ample evidence — the envelope with Henderson’s address, for example — that these young men were engaged in some sort of relationship with a man old enough to be their father. Our investigation will continue, but based on what we’ve revealed here, we believe the evidence warrants some type of investigation into these activities.


Today, 9/25/2012 The Kyle Johnson Facebook account has been scrubbed of all data, pictures and posts, and is now totally empty. For more on this story you can visit:




The scrubbing of files and links to pages this story covered continues. The Facebook page of Sammy Bennett seen above has now been wiped clean. The covering continues and the silence from those involved is DEAFENING.



Update 3

As of 9/26/2012, James M. Henderson has been removed from the ACLJ website staff page and writers page. Matter of fact, he has been removed completely from the ACLJ website.

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  • Take this article down! Its actually sad that someones went to this length without knowing any real reason behind this mans problems. These boys shouldn’t have been encouraging him at the same time he might not be in a stable place in his life and this will not help a man who is confused with life trying to make things right. Go get a real job instead of stalking someones personal life!!

    • THE BOYS SEDUCED HIM? He’s a 53-year old married man with 8 kids and these boys SEDUCED him?

      • as someone who knows ZACH PAYNE personally. This is what he does. A fag, who uses anyone he can to get what he wants, be it pot, liqour or cigarettes. You name it. I have heard him brag about it.The only thing illegal going on here is the alleged pot. And if this man takes any heat for it, zach and julius should too what these boys are doing, is wrong.

      • We are all ears, do tell.

    • Welcome to planet Earth, moocows from Mars.

    • If he’s not in a stable place in his life pot providing Henderson shouldn’t be parenting 8-kids nor be Focus On Family’s & Pat Robertson’s go to guy for Bigots R Us propaganda so fellow bible bigots can get elected to make a mockery of democracy around the world..

  • I think you need to get in touch with the Fairfax County cybercrime office and the smaller newspapers in Fairfax. As well, of course, as the Virginia Bar. Fairfax County’s main problems with corruption have been on this level. However, the public has a great amount of lust for this type of man. 🙂 Please consider having these boys turn over what they have to the Fairfax County police.

  • You are a sad, pathetic man for writing this article, you know nothing about this man or what he and his family are going through, he is a wonderful father and great man. He sacrificed almost his whole life for his children and wife. I’m sure they have all forgiven him and that is all that matters. All media does its get pieces of a story and put it together all twisted to make a scene.

    • Mr. Henderson has spent his career defending anti-gay laws, and supporting policies that make life hell for people who are openly gay. When you’re in the closet, but actively working against the LGBT community, then you’re (a) a hypocrite and (b) fair game for being publicly outed.

      • Preach!

    • What is truly a sad & pathetic man is one who uses his spiritual & intellectual constipation to manipulate a democracy, proffer bible bigots’ Bronze Aged faith in paranormal creatures in court rooms while boffing young boys whom would reap the wrath of his legal deeds at the behest of Bigots R Us Pat Robertson & Focus on Family..

    • Well Sarah, even with all that passion of yours to defend yet another adulterous bible bigot hypocrite like Henderson and his overlord employers, Jesus is still not going to sleep with you or tolerate the awkward morning after you hope for.

  • Take this article down. Why are you trying to ruin this family? Do you have video evidence of him actually smoking pot, or video evidence.of.him engaging in sexual encounters with underage boys? No. GET A LIFE

  • Even if they did have evidence, people make mistakes, nobody is perfect, nobody but he, his family and close friends have the real, unaltered story.

  • Then let he, his family, his friends, step forward and tell the real, unaltered story! Until then, what we have here is yet another rich conservative hypocrite who works for a law firm that oppresses gay rights, who though himself above the laws he is sworn, as an officer of the court, to uphold. Gay rights for you? BAD! But if he wants to suck a little c*ck and smoke a little pot, that’s perfectly all right because he’s SPECIAL?

    Evidence of his chat transcript promising to bring pot for the lads would certainly make the Bar Association sit up and take notice. Those of you apologizing for Henderson’s alleged misconduct need to be ashamed of yourselves.

    We have attempted to contact the players involved before printing the story. No one wanted to come forward with the “truth” as you call it.

    My offer at http://patriot-ombudsman.com is still open. Anyone who wants to GO ON THE RECORD is more than welcome to do so.

  • What’s UP with the apologies for this man? Is it his teenage fan club? If you’ve been a victim of his behavior, I urge you to SEEK HELP. It’s NOT your fault if a father figure confuses your affection for sexual attraction.

    If you are a family member, forgiveness comes when trust is RESTORED. While it pains me that he has many children who should NEVER have to think about their father’s sex life, there’s also the danger that “down low” sex carries: risk of STDs. Any certainly some of his older children may have friends that Mr. Henderson may have an attraction to.

    Homosexuality is NOT an illness. But preying on young, troubled boys rather than coming out of the closet and accepting yourself is indicative of some ongoing mental illness.

    Ask yourself, what does a man who’s in his 50’s, with a successful career, see in young boys aside from sex? WHat do you have in common?

    You deserve better, young men. Please, get support. Here’s a great tumblr to help you meet and support your peers. http://everyoneisgay.tumblr.com/virginia

  • […] about Mr. Henderson from either entity appears to validate the rumors circling (and reported on by Exposed Politics and The Patriot-Ombudsman). If these rumors are true, a public statement by the ACLJ is in order. […]

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  • For those defending this wide-ranging chickenhawk, Jesus had a lot to say about hypocrites. None of it was particularly favorable. That screenshot of his Facebook page indicated 60 “friends,” quite a stable, and from the pictures, they are clearly several decades younger than Mr. Henderson. From the narrative, would you consider him a good influence on any sons that you might have?

    Keep in mind, also, that Mr. Henderson has been getting paid — probably quite well — for interfering with the lives of people who never did him any harm and for his efforts to deprive them of their civil rights.

    Mr. Henderson’s apparent behavior would be unacceptable even if he weren’t a hypocrite making money off his hypocrisy. Agreed, he needs help. And maybe some of the dozens of lads who are his “friends” do, too. But he has no business practicing the kind of law, and fomenting the kind of bigotry that he has. And that should be the end of it — and the end of him.

  • […] blog, Exposed Politics broke the story of James. M. Henderson/Kyle Johnson on September […]

  • I think it’s horrible that people are outing this guy over being gay. And yes, gay, not a pedophile. Anyone who has close ties to gay friends/people/coworkers knows that a lot of the times there is one older and one younger partner. That’s not abnormal in the gay community, and it definitely does not make one a pedophile. However I do think it’s funny that Lil Billy Schmalfeldt is getting his diaper in a twist over this story not going anywhere. There have been so many inconsistencies in it why would anyone take it seriously anyway? I’ve seen in the guys articles him calling James “Charles” and Jordan “Jason” numerous times, also getting Henderson’s birthday incorrect. I don’t know what background checker you used but it must’ve been one of the free inefficient ones. Also in the comments on his website he mentioned there were more than just the young MEN already in the articles…..where are they? Why are the recent articles about how no one is taking interest and wah wah wah wah? No one is taking interest because anyone typing things like “teh gey” shouldn’t be taken seriously anyway. Lil Billy Schmalfeldt is just a grossly uninformed gay basher (gay offspring or not), who’s angry that mommy and daddy aren’t running full sprint to publish this nonsense. Sorry man, I guess you’ll have to keep sucking off the governments tit, looks like this story isn’t going to be your “big break”.

    • I think Bill has established that Jules was 17 at the time of his encounter with Mr. Henderson which makes Jules a minor. As for how Bill writes on occasion that is referred to as snark. As for him calling out the MSM, that is done on both the left and the right. So its an issue that everyone online goes through. That is why Twitter exists and social networking was born, to allow everyone with stories to highlight them. Your lack of knowledge on that issue shines right on through Nunya.

      As for who will or will not cover it, it is always a wait and see approach. Some stories make it while others never quite launch. The only thing with this story is that it was produced without any major MSM media behind it. I would think that since it is so well written and investigated that most MSM media will ask what is the point of covering it since they have nothing left to add to it?

      It would be like them saying well this story happened and here it is over on this other site, and we are doing nothing but repeating what they are saying, and since we have nothing left to add and we never looked into it or found it on our own why report it?

      Anyway it was one of the finer investigative pieces to come along in a long time. The fact that you can’t see it only highlights your stupidity. But I think your post shows that in spades already, so need for me to continue to highlight what others already know about you..

    • Goodness, Nunya. Which inconsistencies are we talking about. Care to share, or is that just your ass speaking?

      I notice you are bitching about ME on THIS website, not on mine. You have obviously been reading it, honey, so grow a pair and come see me at http://patriot-ombudsman.com and leave a comment there!

  • […] published Monday night, Sept. 24, by an online group of anonymous writers publishing under the name “Exposed Politics”. The website doesn’t rely on hearsay or innuendo.  They have pictures.  They have video.  […]

  • […] Prominent ACLJ Attorney May Have Secret Life With Young Boys Ξ [September 24, 2012] […]

  • I will simply copy and paste what Aaron wrote, he says it perfectly,
    Mr. Henderson has spent his career defending anti-gay laws, and supporting policies that make life hell for people who are openly gay. When you’re in the closet, but actively working against the LGBT community, then you’re (a) a hypocrite and (b) fair game for being publicly outed.

    I never heard of this website before but good work ppl. I wish you could take down every right wing Christian lawyer who is professionally working to thwart the Civil Rights of sexual minorities. You got one, don’t stop with one, keep going. I read this on a tweet from Pam Spalding

  • […] confirmation comes after two blogs — Exposed Politics and The Patriot-Ombudsman — published troves of information about Henderson and his […]

  • […] confirmation comes after two blogs — Exposed Politics and The Patriot-Ombudsman — published troves of information about Henderson and his […]

  • […] blogs , Exposed Politics and The Patriot-Ombudsman, blew the story publishing,  troves of information about Henderson and […]

  • I find it incredibly funny that people here making apologies and demanding this article be taken down. Consider the opposite:

    John Doe, a nobody, is found to have had an affair with a 20 year old guy.

    I am sure all these people demanding this guy be left alone, or claiming we do not know the whole truth, or saying his wife forgave him and it should be enough for us, would be here demanding he be prosecuted and calling him all sorts of names. I would even venture to say they would be quoting Leviticus.

  • As a close friend of the family I’m just glad they’re doing well through all of this. The best anyone can do is pray for them, and just be happy they’re able to work through it with each other like a real loving family should be doing. I hope they continue to find strength through adversity.

  • […] Both Exposed Politics and The Patriot-Ombudsman reported that James Henderson, who is married and has eight kids, had a secret homosexual life. […]

  • […] confirmation comes after two blogs — Exposed Politics and The Patriot-Ombudsman — published troves of information about Henderson and his relationship […]

  • […] Yet that would seem to be the information uncovered by an investigation published Monday night, Sept. 24, by an online group of anonymous writers publishing under the name “Exposed Politics”. […]

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